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Post-Cold War Force Sizing Debate : Paradigms, Metaphors, and Disconnects b...
Rds-Student: Software for Aircraft Design, Sizing and Performance,Version 3...
Book: Textile Sizing by B. C. Goswami (2001, Hardcover) Each chapter functions as a stand-alone guide for understanding and ap Focusing on the special class of linear control systems known as singu Presents a unified study of the recursive approach based on the Hamilt Constructing a unique method...
Water Distribution Systems : Simulation and Sizing by John Sjostrom, Thomas...
Control Valve Selection and Sizing by Leslie R. Driskell (1983, Hardcover)
Sizing Up : The Total Book of Health and Beauty for Large Size Women by San...
Book: Software Sizing and Estimating : MK II FPA (Function Point Analysis) 16 by ... Function Point Analysis (FPA) is one of the most widely used methods for measuring system size and development productivity on software projects. The Mk II approach represents a new generation of FPA - giving greater accuracy and compatibility with...
Book: Sizing up a Start-Up : Decoding the New Frontier of Career Opportunities by... High-stakes compensation and the promise of entrepreneurial excitement are just two reasons technology start-ups are an enormously attractive option for employees on the move. Sizing Up a Start-Up is exactly the book new economy careerists have been...
Book: Solaris PC Netlink : Performance, Sizing, and Deployment by Prentice-Hall S... PLEASE PROVIDE COURSE INFORMATION PLEASE PROVIDE
Book: Tuning and Sizing Windows 2000 for Maximum Performance by Curt Aubley (2000... Windows 2000 Server can drastically reduce the cost of enterprise networking -- but only if your servers are properly configured. In this book, Windows 2000 expert Curt Aubley walks you through every aspect of setting up Windows 2000 Server for your...
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