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Book: Josefina's Boxed Set : Meet Josefina; Josefina Learns a Lesson; Josefina's ... 
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July 17 : What Your Birthday Reveals about You by Ariel Books Staff (1999, ...
DVD: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (DVD, 2006, 50th Birthday Deluxe Edition) With the talents of Chuck Jones, Boris Karloff, and Dr. Seuss combined, there was almost no way this could be anything but an instant classic. Watched regularly every holiday season and beloved by children and cynical adults alike, this animated gem...
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DVD: Happy Birthday to Me (DVD, 2009) After losing her memory in a freak accident, Anderson returns to her school and an exclusive club. Days before her birthday the club members are gruesomely murdered.
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VHS: Blue's Clues - Blue's Birthday (VHS, 1998) It's Blue's birthday and we're all invited to the party! Let's help Steve (a really nice guy, in case you didn't know) with all the preparations, and play Blue's Clue's (a really fun game) to help Steve figure out what Blue (a funny cartoon dog)...
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The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout  (Nintendo, 1990)
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Book: Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday No. 6 by Barbara Park (1996, ... Guess who'snotinvited? That meanie Jim has invited everyone in Room Nine to his birthday party on Saturday -- except Junie B.! Should she have her own birthday party six months early and not invite Jim? Or should she move to It's a Small World After...
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DVD: Yo Gabba Gabba!: Birthday Boogie (DVD, 2010) This high-energy, musically themed release for small children includes four episodes of the colorful series YO GABBA GABBA!: in BIRTHDAY, the gang prepare a surprise for Brobee, in DRESS UP, the Gabbaland friends have fun putting on different...
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Game: Hello Kitty: Birthday Adventures  (Nintendo DS, 2010) Sanrio's ubiquitous cartoon feline returns with a variety of themed mini-games in Hello Kitty: Birthday Adventures. Players can join Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Cinnamoroll, and other popular Sanrio characters as they travel around five different locations...
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Game: Dora's Big Birthday Adventure  (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Dora's Big Birthday Adventure for Wii is based directly on the special prime-time television episode of the same title, which concludes the cartoon series' "Magic Storybook Trilogy" and follows Dora and Boots on their adventure back home from Wizzle...
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