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Game: Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes  (Microsoft Xbox, 2005) The Kingdom Under Fire saga continues on Xbox, in this action-strategy prequel to 2004's Crusaders. Players can take command of their troops from afar, or ride to battle alongside them. Deployed archers or infantry can hold the line on one front, as...
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Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops II Xbox 360 (800414355228) Activision's massively successful first-person shooter franchise returns to the shady world of clandestine missions and deniable operations, while for the first time adding in branching storylines and near-future combat in Call of Duty: Black Ops II....
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Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D  (Nintendo 3DS, 2011) Link's first foray in 3D is fittingly adapted to the 3DS platform as an enhanced remake of the classic Nintendo 64 game. Ocarina of Time 3D features the same storyline, locales, and action as in 1998's game, but with updated visuals, a touch-screen...
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Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2014) The first Call of Duty title developed primarily by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare moves the action into the near future when countries farm out wars to Private Military Corporations (PMCs) and soldiers are outfitted with exoskeletons that give...
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Game: Battlefield Hardline  (Microsoft Xbox One, 2014) 
Game: Mario Party 10 [Bundle]  (Nintendo Wii U, 2015) 
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Game: Destiny  (Sony PlayStation 4, 2014) The first non-Halo title developed by Bungie Software in more than a decade, Destiny incorporates MMO elements into FPS action set 700 years in the future, long after a massive, mysterious orb known as The Traveler entered the solar system,...
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Game: Mario Kart 64  (Nintendo 64, 1997) Mario Kart 64 is the 64-bit sequel to one of the best-selling games of the 16-bit era. Mario and his peers race against each other around lap-based tracks, using special items to their advantage. Items of mischief with roots in the Nintendo universe...
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Bloodborne  (Sony PlayStation 4, 2015)
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Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts  (Sony Playstation 3, 2013) Activision's phenomenally successful first-person shooter series returns with overhauled multiplayer modes and a story that finds the United States fighting as an underdog rather than a superpower in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Set ten years after a...
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