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VHS: Shag, The Movie (VHS, 1998, Movie Time) Four best friends from the American South decide on a final round of wild parties, romantic interludes and true love experiences before going their separate ways. They gather up their recently engaged girlfriend and head to Myrtle Beach to have their...
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VHS: Johnny Carson: His Favorite Moments From the Tonight Show Gift Set (VHS, 19... A video scrap book of the moments and memories Johnny loves best from his long running late night show. Titles include: "60's & 70's Heeere's Johnny," "70's & 80's: The Master of Laughs," "80's & 90's: The King of Late Night," and "The Final Show:...
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VHS: World Series - 1952 (VHS, 1998) The stupendous Yankees make it 4 World Series in a row in 7 games with the help of Billy Martin in this game against the Dodgers. For the third time in six years, the Dodgers are denied a championship at the hands of their rivals.
VHS: 101 Dalmatians (VHS, 1992) When the wicked Cruella de Vil and her henchmen kidnap Dalmatian puppies for their cherished spotted fur, it is up to the puppies' parents, Pongo and Perdita, and some brave farm animals, to free the caged canines. Though 101 DALMATIANS has fewer...
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Chickens Come Home (VHS)Ollie's running for mayor, but runs into some painful political problems. He's being blackmailed by his old flame, who is threatening to disrupt his fancy dinner party, and consequently his marriage. He sends his campaign manager Stan over to her...
VHS: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (VHS, 1993) Kevin finds himself once again alone, this time in the big apple. The wet bandits have escaped from jail and, after a few more rounds with Kevin, probably would have been safer in jail.
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VHS: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (VHS, 1998) In this direct-to-video sequel, majestic jungle king Simba prepares his daughter, now of age, for the throne. Features six new songs and the voices of original stars Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Nathan Lane, and Ernie Sabella.
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VHS: Toy Story 2 (VHS, 2000) In this dazzling sequel to the 1995 blockbuster, Andy heads off to summer camp, leaving the toys behind to fend for themselves. In much the same way Buzz discovered he is a mass-produced product in the first installment, Woody discovers that he is a...
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Gidget 2-Pack (VHS, 1997, 2-Tape Set)Contains six episodes from the classic television series about that amazing gal, Gidget (Sally Field). "Dear Diary - Et Al." is the pilot, where Gidget gets in trouble when her snooping older sister takes her fantasies to be the truth. In "Is It Love...
VHS: Cinderella (VHS, 1995) This version of CINDERELLA is the original Walt Disney animated classic based on Charles Perrault's 17th-century fable about a poor stepdaughter transformed into a vision of beauty and sent to the royal ball by her Fairy Godmother to meet her Prince...
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