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Book: Annie Sloan Decorative Paint Effects : A Practical Guide by Annie Sloan (19... 
Book: 336 Ten-Minute Quilt Blocks : To Foundation-Piece, Quick-Piece, Nosew Appli... Easy, fast, and fun to do! These 336 quilt blocks, adapted especially for the beginner, all use the simplest techniques--and many don't even require sewing. Start with a foundation piece, and layer on as many details as you'd like. Choose from dozens...
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Book: How to Paint Your Car on a Budget by Pat Ganahl (2006, Paperback) Author Pat Ganahl unveils dozens of secrets that will help anyone paint their own car. From simple scuff-and-squirt jobs to full-on, door-jambs-and-everything jobs, Ganahl covers everything you need to know.
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Book: How to Draw and Paint Crazy Cartoon Characters : Create Original Characters... Aspiring cartoon artists, comic book collectors, and nostalgia buffs will discover a happy combination of cartoon history and practical instruction in this color-illustrated book. It teaches art students dozens of ways to simplify, exaggerate, and...
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Book: Advanced Custom Motorcycle Painting by Dave Perewitz and Timothy Remus (200... 
Book: Animals - Learn to Draw with Colored Pencil Step by Step : Layering and Ble... In this comprehensive, 32-page book, accomplished artist Debra Kauffman Yaun shares her artistic insights and techniques for creating strikingly realistic animal drawings in colored pencil. The book opens with essential information on choosing tools...
Book: Ready-to-Go! Blank Canvas Book 7 X 8 : Play with It! Embellish Alter Bead Q... Raw canvas bound into a soft book, ready to paint, sew, ink, dye, decoupage, stamp, cut, and embellish.
Book: Quick and Easy Paint Transformation by Annie Sloan (2010, Paperback) With this book in one hand and a brush in the other, you can learn how to create different finishes and effects with paint to change everyday rooms and furnishings into something special, all for the price of a pot of paint. The first section of the...
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Book: Lots of Flocks by Tish Rabe (2010, Paperback) Join Sally, Nick, and Dr. Seussrs"s Cat in the Hat as they learn all about birds! This paint-box book features colorful paint wells, a paintbrush, and 48 pages of feathered fun-just in time for the debut of the new animated seriesThe Cat in the Hat...
DVD: Hetalia: Paint It, White! (DVD, 2011) This full length theatrical release from the politically astute anime series HETALIA AXIS POWERS follows the show's format, presenting each of the major powers in the world as characters on a reality show - from the shy Japanese guy, to the...
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