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Book: The Birth of Tragedy and the Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietz... Skillful, sophisticated translations of two of Nietzsche's essential works about the conflict between the moral and aesthetic approaches to life, the impact of Christianity on human values, the meaning of science, the contrast between the Apollonian...
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Book: My Family Tree : Genealogy for Beginners by Rosemary A. Chorzempa (1982, Pa... "Know thyself" is good advice; one fascinting, deeply satisfying path to self-knowledge is through your own relatives and ancestors. This workbook helps bring you in direct, active contact with your heritage, using the tools of genealogy.
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Book: The Source : A Guidebook of American Genealogy (1996, Hardcover, Revised) 
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Book: First Steps in Genealogy by Desmond Walls Allen (1998, Paperback) Packed with friendly advice and practical information. Desmond Walls Allen starts with the how and why of genealogy, helping readers define their goals and uncover facts about the people behind the names and dates.
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Book: On the Genealogy of Morals - Ecce Homo by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1989... The great philosopher's major work on ethics, along with ECCE HOMO, Nietzche's remarkable review of his life and works. Translated by Walter Kaufmann.
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Book: Ancestors : A Beginner's Guide to Family History and Genealogy by Terry Wil... Genealogy is the second-fastest growing hobby in America, but many would-be family historians are daunted by the sheer volume of information they must sift through and techniques they need to master in order to find their own past. Jim and Terry...
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A Historical Genealogy for Roy-DesJardins Dit Lauzier, Dionne, Gendrea, Bou...
Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy by Brian Mitchell (1999, Paperback)
Book: Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy by Brian Mitchell (2008, Paperback) 
Book: Professional Genealogy : A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lectur... 
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