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Book: Detecting Forgery : Forensic Investigation of Documents by Joe Nickell (200... " Detecting Forgery reveals the complete arsenal of forensic techniques used to detect forged handwriting and alterations in documents and to identify the authorship of disputed writings. Joe Nickell looks at famous cases such as Clifford Irving's...
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Fantasy, Forgery, and the Byron Legend by James Soderholm (1995, Hardcover)" Byron was -- to echo Wordsworth -- half-perceived and half-created. He would have affirmed Jean Baudrillard's observation that "to seduce is to die to reality and reconstitute oneself as illusion." But among the readers he seduced, in person and in...
The House of Forgery in Eighteenth-Century Britain by Paul Baines (1999, Ha...This book offers a balanced interdisciplinary account of literary and criminal forgery as they were practised, constructed and theorised in the eighteenth century as a corollary of the new documents of the financial revolution: banknotes, bills of...
Cross-Check System for Forgery and Questioned Document Examination by Antoi...To find more information about Rowman and Littlefield titles, please visit www.rowmanlittlefield.com.
Book: Tremor of Forgery by Patricia Highsmith (1994, Paperback, Reprint) When his assignment to write a screenplay in Tunisia falls through, Howard Ingham decides to stay on and write a novel, but becomes involved in local intrigue.
Texfake : An Account of the Theft and Forgery of Early Texas Printed Docume...
Book: Violin Fraud : Deception, Forgery, and Law Suits in England and America by ... Instruments of the violin family are well known to be exceptionally valuable if they are the work of an Italian master such as Stradivari or Guarneri. Unfortunately, in common with many other antique articles of value, the forger, the defrauder, and...
The Forger's Art : Forgery and the Philosophy of Art (1985, Paperback)
Forgery and Fictitious Checks by Julius L. Sternitzky (1955, Hardcover)
The Piltdown Papers, 1908-1955 : The Correspondence and Other Documents Rel...In one of the most spectacular cases of scientific fraud ever, ancient human skull fragments found in 1912 near the English town of Piltdown were proven a deliberate hoax 40 years later. However the identity of the perpetrator has remained a mystery....
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