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Heater: Lasko 5521 Heater Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Electric, Cerami...
Heater: Lasko 5521 Heater (Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Electric, Cerami...)
Let the Remote Control Ceramic Tower Heater insulate you from the cold winter months ahead! The efficient vertical design and oscillation action will turn any chilly room or office into a place of warmth and comfort. Easy-to-read digital controls on...
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Heater: Windchaser WHOF20 Heater Radiator, Alimentation: Electric, Oil Filled, 3 He...
Heater: Windchaser WHOF20 Heater (Radiator, Alimentation: Electric, Oil Filled, 3 He...)
Multi-functional and trusty, this Windchaser heater is a solid solution for indulging you with welcome warmth on those cold winter days. This Windchaser heater is the ultimate addition for large and small heating jobs. If you want durability,...
Heater: Holmes HLSHFH2986U Heater Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Electric, Cerami...
Heater: Holmes HLSHFH2986U Heater (Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Electric, Cerami...)
The Holmes HFH2986U Heater provides a quick and portable heating to you. This Holmes heater can be set to work on automatic or manual heating modes, and features low and high wattage settings. Temperature settings on this Holmes heater can be toggled...
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Book: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning : Analysis and Design by Jeffrey... Based on the most recent standards from ASHRAE, the sixth edition provides complete and up-to-date coverage of all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The latest load calculation procedures, indoor air quality procedures, and...
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Book: 2006 ASHRAE Handbook - Refrigeration (I-P) (2006, Hardcover) 
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Heater: Broan-NuTone 112 Heater Compact, Alimentation: Electric, 2 Heating Levels,...
Heater: Broan-NuTone 112 Heater (Compact, Alimentation: Electric, 2 Heating Levels,...)
Compact and powerful, Broan-NuTone 112 heater is here to make your winters cozy and comfortable. This electric heater delivers fan-forced heat at 1500 watts of power that is ideal for cabinet kickspaces, vanity bases or any other limited space. The...
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Desa International GWRP10 Heater
Heater: Desa International GWRP10 Heater (Radiator, Alimentation: Gas, Oil Filled, 2 Heating...)
This Desa International heater is a great companion for providing affordable heat with each passing winter day. It's equal parts tough and fast. Landlords, homemakers, and professionals alike are impressed by the reliability and functionality of the...
Heater: Bionaire Tower Heater Compact, Variable Heating Levels, Timer, Thermosta...
Heater: Bionaire Tower Heater (Compact, Variable Heating Levels, Timer, Thermosta...)
Beat chilly indoor temperatures with the Bionaire Tower heater. Use the 12-hour adjustable timer in this Bionaire electric heater to run the device, as per your requirements. The 200 sq.ft. heating capability of this Bionaire electric heater makes...
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Mr Heater MH9B Heater
Heater: Mr Heater MH9B Heater (Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Gas, Ceramic, 4 ...)
Mr. Heater MH9B is a portable heater that delivers 4000-9000 BTU of heat. This Mr. Heater radiant heater is ideal for chilly garages, tents, patios, porches, cabins, and fish shanties. The tip-over switch of this portable heater automatically turns...
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Heater: Desa International Reddy TC101 Heater Utility/Portable, Alimentation: Electric, 3 Heatin...
Heater: Desa International Reddy TC101 Heater (Utility/Portable, Alimentation: Electric, 3 Heatin...)
Chilly winters will not stop you from going about business as usual as the Reddy TC101 provides all the warmth you require. With the three heat settings offered by this Desa International convection heater, choose the one that is apt for your needs....
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