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Heater: Lasko 760000 Heater Compact, Alimentation: Electric, Ceramic, Variable...
Heater: Lasko 760000 Heater (Compact, Alimentation: Electric, Ceramic, Variable...)
The Lasko 760000 heater features Cyclonic Heat Action that gives instant comfort. This Lasko ceramic heater has the capability to spread the warmth in the entire room. With the Glide-System Pivot, this Lasko heater allows for warm air to spread and...
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Heater: DeLonghi EW6507 Heater 3 Heating Levels, Thermostat, Cool-Touch Exterior,...
Heater: DeLonghi EW6507 Heater (3 Heating Levels, Thermostat, Cool-Touch Exterior,...)
Heater: Lasko 5812 Heater CeramicKeep your room warm and cozy with the energy-efficient and space saving Lasko 5812 heater. With its automatic self-regulating feature, this Lasko automatic air-flow heater maintains a comfortable room temperature between high and low settings....
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Heater: DeLonghi HMP1500 Heater Radiator, 2 Heating Levels, Thermostat, Power Indi...
Heater: DeLonghi HMP1500 Heater (Radiator, 2 Heating Levels, Thermostat, Power Indi...)
Unable to bare the chill indoors? Take home, the Micathermic DeLonghi HMP1500 Radiator Heater and experience the instant relaxation it provides. Its slim and sleek design avails a stylish wall mountability consuming very little space in your room....
Heater: DeLonghi TCH6590ER Heater Compact, Alimentation: Electric, Ceramic, 2 Heatin...
Heater: DeLonghi TCH6590ER Heater (Compact, Alimentation: Electric, Ceramic, 2 Heatin...)
The compact DeLonghi TCH6590ER tower heater distributes warmth evenly around the room, thanks to its oscillating base and ceramic plates. It has 2 heat settings and, with its anti-frost setting and adjustable thermostat, keeps the temperature...
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Heater: Vornado EH1-0015-04 Heater Compact, Alimentation: Electric, Variable Heating ...
Heater: Vornado EH1-0015-04 Heater (Compact, Alimentation: Electric, Variable Heating ...)
Helpful and fast, this Vornado heater is capable of bringing you cozy warmth day after day. If you'd like to have safety, comfort, and reliability, the Vornado EH1-0015-04 gives you what you need. This Vornado heater is electric powered, which means...
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Heater: Holmes PUH680-U Patton Heater Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Electric, 2 Heat...
Heater: Holmes PUH680-U Patton Heater (Utility / Portable, Alimentation: Electric, 2 Heat...)
The Holmes Products PUH680-U Patton® is a Utility / Portable Heater. With more than 15 years experience, Holmes is the #1 brand of electrical space heaters. Holmes continues to offer the most innovative features and newest technologies in the heater...
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Heater: Optimus H7248 Heater Utility/Portable, Ceramic, 2 Heating Levels, Therm...
Heater: Optimus H7248 Heater (Utility/Portable, Ceramic, 2 Heating Levels, Therm...)
The Optimus H7248 ceramic utility/portable heater consists of two heat settings- 750 and 1500 watts for desired heating depending upon the area of the room. With an oscillation of 75 degrees and automatic thermostat control, it can heat the room...
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Fahrenheat FBE15002 Heater
Heater: Fahrenheat FBE15002 Heater (Baseboard, Alimentation: Electric, 2 Heating Level...)
The slim profile, quietness, energy efficiency of this heater makes it ideal for office workstations, building entrances, bedrooms, garages and basements. A full length sensor turns heater off if blocked. Steel unitized body, neutral off-white finish...
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Heater: Bionaire BCH9208-UM Heater Compact, Variable Heating Levels, Timer, Thermosta...
Heater: Bionaire BCH9208-UM Heater (Compact, Variable Heating Levels, Timer, Thermosta...)
Beat chilly indoor temperatures with the Bionaire Tower heater. Use the 12-hour adjustable timer in this Bionaire electric heater to run the device, as per your requirements. The 200 sq.ft. heating capability of this Bionaire electric heater makes...
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