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DVD: Peter Pan (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, Platinum Edition) Join mischievous Peter Pan, the young boy who refuses to grow up, his hot-tempered pixie pal, Tinker Bell and the Darling children as they soar away to the mysterious Never-Never land where childhood lasts forever in this magical, musical adventure....
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DVD: Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection (DVD, 2011, 8-Disc Set) From the first spell to the final battle- Join Harry, Hermione and Ron from their first year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone all the way through to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:...
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DVD: Tangled (DVD, 2011) Disney’s animation film "Tangled" narrates princess Rapunzel’s tale with a twist. This Disney princess is in distress but doesn’t need anyone’s help. Instead, she willingly sets out in the real world in the hope to have an adventurous journey and...
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DVD: Pinocchio (DVD, 2009, 2-Disc Set, 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition) Walt Disney celebrates the 70th anniversary of the film "Pinocchio" by releasing its digitally restored DVD. This animation film, "Pinocchio" is about a puppet who is seeking life in his wooden body but for that he needs to resist telling lies. The...
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DVD: Sleeping Beauty (DVD, 2008, 2-Disc Set, Platinum Edition) One of Walt Disney’s celebrated classics - the "Sleeping Beauty” movie is now available on this two-disc set. As the classic goes, "Sleeping Beauty” has been a victim of a curse and can be awakened from deep slumber only if kissed by her true love....
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DVD: The Lion King (DVD, 2011) The Lion King, a classic Disney favorite was re-released on DVD in 2011. Although this DVD is rated G this film should be shown with caution to very young children due to some violence. The Lion King is a story of a young cub named Simba who thinks...
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DVD: The Jungle Book (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, 40th Anniversary Edition) "The Jungle Book" is an animated film based on a young orphan boy named Mowgli, who was found in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, India. In this two-disc set, a black panther discovers Mowgli in a basket and decides to take him to a Wolf, who has just...
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DVD: (DVD, 2003, 2-Disc Set) Co-helmed by WALL-E director Andrew Stanton, FINDING NEMO follows Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks), an overprotective clown fish father, as he desperately searches the farthest reaches of the sea for his missing son Nemo. Marlin's journey leads him...
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DVD: Lady and the Tramp (DVD, 2006, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition) Walt Disney's 15th animated masterpiece- “Lady and the Tramp” is an thrilling animated story of two dogs together on an exciting adventure. Watch this movie on a two-disc set to join in the adventures of Lady, a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel, and...
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DVD: Penguins of Madagascar (Blu-ray/DVD, 2015, 2-Disc Set, Includes Digital Cop... The penguins from MADAGASCAR get their own film in this DreamWorks Animation production. When a villainous octopus named Dave (voice of John Malkovich) hatches a plan to eliminate the penguins, Skipper (voice of Tom McGrath), Kowalski (voice of Chris...
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