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Book: Bakelite Style (1997, Hardcover) Known as the material of a thousand uses, Bakelite was the design industry's dream substance due to its easy moldable properties. This early plastic was used for jewelry, radios, lamps and many novelties that are now rare collectibles. Learn to...
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Bakelite Radios : The Collector's Corner (2000, Hardcover)
Book: From Bakelite to Composite : Design in New Materials by Moniek Bucquoye, Ig... We hardly think about them, but we use them every day. We play, work, fly, eat, build with them. Composites can be found literally everywhere: skis, surfboards, motor helmets, canoes, race bikes. But also the Formula 1-world, the car- and...
Book: Art Deco Bakelite Jewelry and Boxes : Cubism for Everyone by Peter Keresztu... 
Book: Shultz Bakelite Jewelry by Karima Parry (2002, Paperback) 
CD: Bakelite Express by Various Artists (CD, Oct-2001, Abc) 
CD: Bakelite Radio, Vol. 3 * by Bakelite Radio (CD, Apr-2005, HEAD) 
Landline Phone: Audiovox Bakelite Corded Phone Corded Phone
Book: Bakelite Jewelry : The Art of the Carver by Lyn Tortoriello and Deborah Lyo... Vintage carved Bakelite jewelry, from the great style era of the 1930s and 1940s, remains a highly sought-after category of collectible interest worldwide. From ever-popular bangles and hinged bracelets, to pins, dress clips, buckles, pendants, and...
The Plastics Age : From Bakelite to Beanbags and Beyond (1993, Hardcover)
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