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Book: The Necronomicon by Ed Simon (1980, Paperback) In the past 31 years, there has been a lot of ink--actual and virtual--spilled on the subject of the Necronomicon. Some have derided it as a clumsy hoax; others have praised it as a powerful grimoire. As the decades have passed, more information has...
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World Coins: Azores 25 Escudos, 1980, Regional Autonomy 
Coin: 1980-P SBA$1 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Jaime HernandezThe 1980-P Sacagawea Dollar is really common in circulated grades and even up to MS64 grades that many of these coins can be found in circulation. In MS65 condition it is a little more difficult to find in circulation but with enough...
Coin: 1980-S 10C DC (Proof) Roosevelt Dime 
Game: Space Invaders  (Atari 2600, 1980) Taito's 1978 arcade hit can be enjoyed on the Atari 2600 with 112 different variations. Space Invaders has you steering a laser cannon on the bottom of the screen while trying to blast rows of alien invaders. These aliens will move from left to right...
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Internal Hard Drive: Axiom Memory Memory 80 GB,Internal,4200 RPM,2.5" (AXT-1980) Hard Drive This Axiom Memory 80 GB hard drive is ultra-fast, reliable, and ideal for providing industrial strength and outstanding specs. This internal 2.5-inch hard drive is a capable device for upgrading to a better hard drive. System builders and IT...
Baseball Card: 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics #482 Baseball Card 
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Comic Book: Star Wars #42 (Dec 1980, Marvel) 
Book: Al-Anon's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Vol. 8 by Inc. Staff Al-Anon F... 
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Afghanistan 50 Pul, 1980
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